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The best safety precaution you can take is to not go in drains!

Photograph of a Flooding Drain, Melbourne. (By Unknown) Our golden rule, and one we strictly follow, is When it rains, no drains! As you can see from the picture, drains do fill up with water, that's the point of them. This picture was taken after a medium to heavy rain shower, the drain in this picture is usually only ankle deep in water. Some links for online weather forecasts in Australia are:

Bureau of Meteorology
Bureau of Meteorology - Weather Watch Radar

We do not mean to insult your intelligence. It's mostly common sense, but we thought we'd better state the obvious:


  • Go in drains when it rains.
  • Explore alone.
  • Hang around if unusual smells appear.
  • Remove a manhole from beneath if the above location is unknown.


  • Take a spare torch.
  • Be careful when using ladders.
  • Take note of warning signs.
  • When draining, keep checking the weather via manholes and grilles.
  • Always let someone know where you're going and when you should be finished.

Photograph of Abandon All Hope Tunnel, Tasmania (By Azenis)

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